Veterinary Student Program


If you're a veterinary student, we offer various programs to help you build a strong foundation for your future career. Our veterinarians are passionate about passing on their knowledge and giving students a chance to test their abilities. Read on for details regarding our internship, externship and student ambassador programs, and take a moment to apply if you're interested.


Our internships give veterinary students the perfect opportunity to learn and do hands-on work in a real clinical setting. The experience that students gain from this program is critical to their growth and success as veterinary professionals.

As an intern, you will spend most of your time working alongside knowledgeable veterinary staff at one of the Coyne animal hospitals. Our goal is to help you develop greater confidence in both your technical and interpersonal communication abilities. There's no better way to learn than by doing, and regardless of which Coyne hospital you choose, you'll be doing a lot!

You will be working under the direct supervision of our veterinarians as a veterinary assistant. Your main duties will include:

  • Learning how to perform a physical exam
  • Providing the appropriate care to patients
  • Using diagnostic tools and effectively analyzing and interpreting various diagnostic materials (lab tests, X-rays, etc.)
  • Learning how to prepare for surgical procedures and monitor patients that are under anesthesia
  • Improving your interpersonal communication skills with training


To be eligible for our internship program, you must be:

  • A first- or third-year veterinary student enrolled in an accredited doctor of veterinary medicine program
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Available for a 6 to 10-week period during summer break and committed to a flexible schedule (32-40 hours a week) including evenings and weekends


One of the most important ways we help aspiring veterinary technicians and veterinarians is through our externship programs. To prepare students for their careers, we believe that first-hand experience is the best teacher.


As an extern, you will work under the direct supervision of an experienced veterinarian at one of our Coyne animal hospitals. To complete your externship, you will need to fulfill a set of objectives predetermined by your college or university.  You will have the opportunity to work alongside other Coyne professionals and actively participate in every aspect of patient care.

We're not just looking for talent; we like to get to know our externs and help them maximize their potential. Every student learns at their own pace, but we want to make sure we're giving you the best tools.

Since Coyne practices are open 7 days a week and accept walk-ins only, you can expect to see a high volume of patients and clients. This will give you the opportunity to learn at a much faster pace than you would at a standard appointment-only practice. Like our employees, we expect externs to work hard, interacting with our clients and getting hands-on experience.


Some of the primary tasks you'll be expected to perform include:

  • Gathering patients' medical histories
  • Performing nose-to-tail physical exams
  • Formulating and implementing diagnostic and therapeutic care plans
  • Using cutting-edge tools and technology
  • Scrubbing into surgery
  • Helping your supervising DVM manage various medical cases
  • Providing wellness care
  • Sharpening your client communication skills
  • Fine-tuning your clinical and technical skills
  • Understanding and adhering to the Coyne business model

To apply for an externship, you must be:

  • Enrolled in an accredited doctor of veterinary medicine program
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Available to work days, evenings and weekends

Externship Form
Complete and submit the form to inquire about veterinary externship opportunities.

Veterinary Technicians

Students looking to become veterinary technicians will get to work with a full team of veterinarians, technicians and more to obtain first-hand experience at one of our Coyne locations. You can expect a fast-paced environment and a high number of patients and clients. If you're fully committed to working in veterinary medicine, you won't find a better place to learn and grow.

You will work under the supervision and instruction of a licensed veterinary technician for the duration of your externship. You and your mentor will follow an established set of objectives assigned by your school. The goal is to prepare you for a career with Coyne by providing a quality learning environment during your clinical period. Additionally, after completing your externship you will be better prepared for your state exam and/or Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE).

For eligibility, applicants must be:

  • Enrolled in an AVMA/CVTEA-accredited Veterinary Technology program
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Available to work days, evenings and weekends

For program placement, applicants need to participate in the application, selection and onboarding process.

Externship Form
Complete and submit the form to inquire about veterinary technician externship opportunities.



To facilitate the career advancement of veterinary students, Coyne reaches out to offer students viable career opportunities 2-3 years before they graduate. We know how critical it is to have a solid career plan in place before you leave your university and enter the professional workforce. To help students find their way, we are offering a student ambassador program through Ross University. We hope to make this an ongoing program so we can educate and inform more students about their career options and provide them with valuable connections in the industry.


The student ambassador's role involves helping fellow classmates with experiential learning opportunities, and to act as liaisons between Coyne and their college campus. Some of the primary duties you can expect as an ambassador include:

  • Being the main liaison between Coyne and your classmates, deans, and professors
  • Conducting campus outreach events (scheduling, advertising, managing, etc.)
  • Partnering with Medical Director liaison to plan various outreach activities for your campus
  • Making information about Coyne easily accessible and available to classmates
  • Providing referrals for students that are interested in working with Coyne

The only requirement for this position is to be enrolled in an AVMA-accredited college of veterinary medicine.