Turning Students
Into Professionals


Entering the workforce straight out of veterinary school can be scary--we've been there! And because we know how challenging it can be to make the transition from student to professional, we offer mentorships to help aspiring veterinarians develop their skills and become better oriented with veterinary employment. We'll walk you through the basics and cover not only the animal-related aspects but the administrative and financial aspects as well!

What's Included in Our Mentorship Programs

Our mentorships are guided, introductory programs that prepare graduates for their veterinary careers. You can expect to:

  • Learn from and work with a variety of Coyne staff members at every level, from the administrative team to the medical director's office
  • Integrate their lessons into your everyday practice
  • Study a wide spectrum of veterinary topics including dentistry, inventory, invoices, client communication, scrubbing in for surgery, and more
  • Divide your days between lectures and hands-on workshops to apply what you learned
  • Devote two full weeks and full-time hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday) to the program

Our Hospitals Are the Best Classrooms

There is no limit to what you can learn through one of our mentorship programs. We have multiple staff available to train and teach, along with advanced technology and quality tools that you can use in our workshops. If you'd like to participate in a mentorship program or find out more, you can contact us at (708) 995-7376 or contact one of our animal hospital locations. We look forward to assisting you and being a part of your journey to professional veterinary practice!


Dr. Coyne presents Kara with her certificate after completing the management training program. Shortly after completion, Kara was promoted to a head technician role at the Coyne Crown Point location.


"[As a veterinarian] you have to want to teach."

Dr. John Coyne, Owner and Veterinarian