Advance Your Career with Coyne Academy


We're eager to offer career advancement opportunities for current Coyne employees, which is why we established Coyne Academy. We care about our Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana team members and want to do everything we can to help them succeed. Furthermore, we want them to know that they have the option to grow and take on new challenges in the field.

Whether you're looking to expand your skill set or would like to help train future leaders within the organization, we invite you to learn more about Coyne Academy and see what our program has to offer.

Coyne Academy Mgmt. Program Graduates

What is Coyne Academy?

Coyne Academy is a volunteer internal training program for staff members who have been working at a Coyne animal hospital for at least 6 months and are in good standing with the company. Once a month, current managers and members of the administrative team donate their time to educate staff members on a variety of management-related topics such as inventory, client communication, and more. They also discuss their experiences, teach about common pitfalls, and conduct demos. The goal of this program is to enable teachers to pass on their knowledge and prepare future leaders through collaboration and team building.

What Participants Can Expect

Participation is not limited to any specific Coyne animal hospital; employees from any hospital are eligible to participate granted they are in good standing and have been a Coyne team member for at least 6 months. Program participants must complete homework assignments, along with a certain number of hours of community service. They will also be taught to lead learning sessions with their peers and gain firsthand experience trying out leadership roles.

To help participants gain essential experience and get the most out of their training, Coyne Academy offers a 4-month Introductory level and a 6-month Advanced level.

Participants who successfully complete and graduate from the program will receive a certificate at their graduation ceremony. Additionally, individuals who excel in the program are shortlisted for a promotion within the practice.

How to Enroll

Excited to learn all there is to know about taking on a leadership role with Coyne? Are you a leader who is interested in educating staff members that are looking to take on a leadership role? Click the button below and enter your assigned password to get started!