Our internships give veterinary students the perfect opportunity to learn and do hands-on work in a real clinical setting. The experience that students gain from this program is critical to their growth and success as veterinary professionals.

As an intern, you will spend most of your time working alongside knowledgeable veterinary staff at one of the Coyne animal hospitals. Our goal is to help you develop greater confidence in both your technical and interpersonal communication abilities. There's no better way to learn than by doing, and regardless of which Coyne hospital you choose, you'll be doing a lot!

You will be working under the direct supervision of our veterinarians as a veterinary assistant. Your main duties will include:

  • Learning how to perform a physical exam
  • Providing the appropriate care to patients
  • Using diagnostic tools and effectively analyzing and interpreting various diagnostic materials (lab tests, X-rays, etc.)
  • Learning how to prepare for surgical procedures and monitor patients that are under anesthesia
  • Improving your interpersonal communication skills with training


To be eligible for our internship program, you must be:

  • A first- or third-year veterinary student enrolled in an accredited doctor of veterinary medicine program
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Available for a 6 to 10-week period during summer break and committed to a flexible schedule (32-40 hours a week) including evenings and weekends

Coyne Veterinary Services

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